E.M. Ginger

Friday Keynote Speaker
Friday, November 5, 2021 at 12noon CDT


E.M. Ginger has worked with fine and rare books and scholarly material for five decades in the capacities of author, editor, typographer, reviewer, designer, instructor, critic, and weekend printer. She began her fine book training as a proofreader at The Stinehour Press, a printer/publisher of multi-disciplined, multi-lingual scholarly journals, and bibliographic catalogues of rare book and fine art collections for institutions, such as The Pierpont Morgan Library. She was managing editor (and intermittent production manager and design director) of Fine Print: The Review for the Arts of the Book for twelve years, a letterpress-printed journal that brought together librarians, booksellers, publishers, and book artists under the umbrella of well-crafted articles and critical reviews. At Adobe Systems, she was a manager the Adobe Originals Type Group as well as a writer, instructor, and printing and type historian, editing the Originals specimen books and writing the descriptions for the 1600+ fonts in their type collection.  She was the executive editor of Octavo and conceived, developed, and directed the Octavo Editions for the company’s eight years.  For the last 15 years, she has been president and first photographer of 42-line,  a company specializing in the high-resolution photography of rare books and manuscripts for libraries, booksellers, and collectors.  She is the editor of several award-winning cookbooks and the author and writer of seminal works on type and typography, and business design.

Design in Small Spaces
In 2013 E.M. Ginger’s next-door neighbor brought over two plastic 3-ring binders to be photographed; under the smudged plastic sleeves were 207 very beautiful, extremely rare, true-to-size hand-painted labels, incidentals in 1920s lithographic process. For the past eight years Ginger and co-author Elizabeth Byrne have researched these art studio creations from San Francisco’s Lehmann printing company, uncovering their remarkable histories and intricate design elements. 

Alice Savoie

Saturday Keynote Speaker
Saturday, November 6, 2021 at 12noon CDT


Alice Savoie is an independent type designer and researcher based in France. She holds an MA and a PhD from the University of Reading (UK). As a practising type designer she has collaborated with international foundries and design studios. Her recent type design work includes Faune, an award-winning typeface commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture, Romain 20 (205.tf) and Lucette (Future Fonts). She is currently a post-doctoral researcher on the Leverhulme-funded ‘Women in Type’ research project at the University of Reading, led by Prof. Fiona Ross. She teaches typeface design at ANRT Nancy (France) and Ecal Lausanne (Switzerland).

Women in Type: fresh perspectives on the contribution of women to type drawing offices
Alice Savoie will present 'Women in Type', a research project undertaken at the University of Reading that investigates the contribution of women to twentieth century type-making. Alice will discuss the team's findings, with a particular focus on the work of women at the British Monotype and Linotype companies. Based on archival material and interviews, Alice will illustrate how the team has drawn from its experiences as type-designers and historians to identify agencies of change for women in type-drawing offices, and assess their contribution. She will introduce a new website aimed at sharing this crucial, yet overlooked, part of typographic history.