Live and Learn

At Hamilton, you can be a part of the museum in a variety of ways.

Basic group tours teach you about Hamilton's history and the long legacy of letterpress printing and wood type. Tours can become hands-on experiences with a chance to pull your own print. It can even be personalized so each tour member can set their own name. 

Plan a Tour

Workshops allow you to spend a day in the classroom with instruction and access to an entire wall of type. Specific workshops may focus on parts of the collection and others are half day if your time is limited. The occasional ink & drink is a more social evening that lets the individual learn a few basics and print a few pieces.

Take a Workshop

Rentals are designed for those with some experience and have separate studios to advance your understanding and skills.

Residencies are specific project-driven opportunities for those wishing to dedicate a longer time to develop ideas into printed designs. These can be arranged from a few days to over a month. Studios are provided and for qualified individuals, the Silver Buckle Press is an entire shop, complete with presses, type, bookmaking tools and a small library. 

Arrange a Rental or Residency

Our goal is to allow the artist to expand their craft as extensively as possible. Please inquire as each level to understand the possibilities.

Contact the museum at info@woodtype.org or 920-794-6272 for scheduling.