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Monday, October 25

The Ruling Machine: Wood Engraving’s Forgotten Secret Weapon
Joanne Price
12pm-3pm CDT
Class size: 20
Cost: $100.00

Unmask the mysterious semi-mechanization of wood engraving in the Gilded Age and see how this once commercial machine can be used to create contemporary designs for a new world of relief illustrations.

Joanne Price has over 25 years of printmaking experience that includes teaching at the University of Kentucky, Augsburg College, University of Minnesota, and Penland School of Crafts. She was also president of the Wood Engravers’ Network (2014–2020) and an elected member of the Society of Wood Engravers. She is founder and owner of Starpointe Studio, specializing in printmaking and book arts. Price also collaborates with letterpress publishers like Larkspur Press, doing book illustrations for authors, such as Wendell Berry, Frank X Walker and more. Her work is included in the collections of the Guangdong Museum of Art in China, Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Wisconsin, and many more public and private collections.

LEGO Modular Letterpress
Bob Kelemen
4-6pm CDT
Class size: 20
Cost: $100.00

Creation of modular print matrices using LEGO plate and tile blocks is both fun and precise and bridges the gap between pixel-based art and traditional letterpress printing. As LEGO continually adds new tile brick shapes, designers and printers can create increasing complex compositions. Participants will learn to create compositions in Illustrator using my template files, prepare printing "plates" to type high using MDF board and LEGO plate, and print compositions using LEGO tile bricks. From my (painful and costly) experience, I will share tips and tricks for buying the required LEGO materials relatively inexpensively. We'll also include a discussion of historical modular typefaces.

Bob Kelemen is a Cleveland, Ohio-based graphic designer and printmaker. Kelemen has served for over 25 years as university faculty, teaching a range of courses, including technical, formal and conceptual curriculum to undergraduate and graduate students. He manages Type High Press at Kent State University—one of the largest academic letterpress facilities in the Midwest—and maintains a letterpress studio, Black Walnut Letterpress, in his backyard barn. His personal letterpress work ranges from traditional to experimental. Kelemen earned his BFA and MFA from Kent State. His thesis focused on using letterpress to teach design principles to undergraduate graphic design students.

Tuesday, October 26

Hand-Carved Type
Lauren Emeritz
10am-12pm CDT
Class size: 20
Cost: $100.00

In this workshop, participants will draw their own letterform (or shape), transfer it to a linoleum block, carve it and print it by hand. This is a fun and simple process that can be repeated to create your own type and prints.

Lauren Emeritz is a letterpress printer, book artist, and graphic designer who runs Abstract Orange, an art and design studio located in Washington, DC. She creates prints and books by hand using traditional printing presses and typographic forms combined with modern techniques. Her work uses color, type, layouts, and materials to explore the world around her. Her work is available in special collections at the Library of Congress, Universities, the Smithsonian, and private collections. See more of her work at

Wednesday, October 27

The Room Where it Happens (apologies to Hamilton the Musical): A behind-the-scenes look at Globe Poster and its tricks of the trade
Bob Cicero and Allison Fisher with special guest instructor, Mary Mashburn
11am-2pm CDT
Class size: 20
Cost: $100.00

A Globe poster made you look, chock-full of bold type and bright color, shouting the names of bands and other entertainments to passersby in a pre-digital era. The backbone of that distinctive style, and the method that allowed the shop to churn out dozens of posters a week, was based on a simple grid system for setting the many lines of wood type needed to get all those acts on one poster. That system, passed down through the men of the composing room, lives on in Bob Cicero, last owner of Globe with his brother Frank. Globe’s wood type, chases and furniture, lively wood cuts, celebrity cuts from Aretha Franklin to Frank Zappa, and even the handmade composing tables moved from the last Globe Poster site in Baltimore to the Maryland Institute of Art in 2011. The workshop will start with a tour of the Globe archive to look at posters and process sketches as we delve into what makes a Globe poster “work.” Then we’ll head into the composing room with Bob as he assembles a poster while sharing stories and printerly wisdom from five decades of production experience. Workshop participants can play along from home with us: Use what’s available in your print shop to experiment with the Globe method of putting together a form.

Thursday, October 28

Make Your Own Portfolio
Katherine Victoria Taylor
10am-2pm CDT
Class size: 20 
Cost: $100.00

Add some bookbinding skills to your repertoire and learn how to make a custom cloth and paper-bound portfolio. Portfolios are a great way to showcase your work to clients or to house a deluxe series of prints. Katherine will also go over how to adjust your materials so that you may make custom portfolios for all of your future projects!

Katherine Victoria Taylor (BFA, NSCAD University) is a disabled, letterpress printer, bookbinder, press mechanic, educator and proprietor of Stheno Press in Halifax(K’jipuktuk), Nova Scotia. She has worked with notable clients such as The Book of Negroes mini-series, The Curse of Oak Island, University of Kings’ College and Saint Mary’s University. Katherine has a passion for sharing her love of bookbinding and printing with anyone willing to listen.

Friday, October 29

Moving Circles: Volvelles
Stephanie Wolff
10am-3pm CDT (1 hour break in the middle)
Class size: 20
Cost: $100.00

Volvelles, sometimes known as wheel charts, are the focus of this workshop. These structures have been used in historic books, in promotional materials, and in devices to aid computation. Two or more circles turn to show information through cut out windows. This workshop covers two designs of a basic version of a volvelle, plus a way to include it in a folder or page. There will be discussion on incorporating content through print, digital, and hand-drawn methods. Our focus will be on making models and learning how these function in order to create more complex and finished versions after the workshop. A handout of basic instructions will be sent to participants, along with instructions on pre-cutting paper prior to the workshop. Volvelles are fun to make and can be used for cards, personalized gifts, promotional material, or to include in artist books.

Stephanie Wolff works with paper, text, textile and the book form, often on themes of weather, science, history and rural life. Her work has been exhibited in the U.S. and Germany and is in many collections, public and private. She has been awarded a creative research fellowship from the American Antiquarian Society and was Artist-in-Residence at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts. Stephanie’s years as a book conservator provided her with knowledge in the history, construction, and repair of a wide range of library materials. She enjoys teaching to share her knowledge from bookbinding, conservation, and fine arts.

Saturday, October 30

Wayzgoose Workshop Show & Tell
Open to the Public
12pm-1pm CDT
Cost: FREE

Join us on Saturday, October 30, at 12noon CDT as instructors and students from the workshops share what they learned and created.