Meet a Volunteer: Lou Brown

Name: Lou Brown (aka LouLouBell) The day I knew I wanted to become a Hamilton volunteer: I had just basically retired (for good) and decided I needed to volunteer somewhere. I considered different places in the community. One day I walked into the museum, told them who I was and said I was interested in volunteering. I stepped past the... Read More »

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Personal Notes from Awayzgoose 2020

By Tom Walker Tom Walker of Ramicack Press. Tom has been a professional designer for over 25 years. He has also taught at the university level for a decade. Printing has always been a part of that professional practice and teaching. Tom is now doing more personal artistic and job printing after assembling a modest personal collection of type and... Read More »

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Bill Moran: A long legacy & a lot of great memories

By: Jim Moran When Bill Moran convinced me to volunteer at The Hamilton Museum, it was 2001. He was incredibly excited at the prospects and potential that the museum had. By the following year, he had begun work on: “Hamilton, a History in Headlines” the only book done on the company that highlighted the type cutting and the sprouting of... Read More »

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Meet a Volunteer: Bob Mueller

The museum is known and loved worldwide for its fabulous collections, hands-on studios and workshops, exceptional events, and stunning printmaking. But the day to day running of the museum - the giving of tours, manning of the front desk, housekeeping, and other mundane but necessary tasks - could not happen without a group of dedicated volunteers. This post is part... Read More »

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The Tailor's Worktable by Paul Terzano

Imagine my surprise when a childhood friend called to tell me he wanted to give me a family heirloom. Bruce lived across the street from my father’s sister and we played together as kids when I visited my aunt. My cousin Laura and Bruce have remained close friends over the years. Laura had maintained a self-storage unit and finally decided,... Read More »

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