Hamilton Company: A Proud Legacy

By: Peter Crabbe I was "surgically" removing some drawers and cabinet doors in my house recently to make space for a dishwasher. It proved challenging as the modest-looking plywood cabinet boxes are solidly constructed, supported by oak bracing and mortice and tenon framing. I had experienced something similar when I removed a closet dividing wall about 18 months earlier and... Read More »

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Improved Visitor Experience

Although we have been closed for the a year due to COVID, staff and volunteers have been busy striving for an improved visitor experience! Starting in March of 2021 the museum is open Saturdays from 10am to 4pm until further notice. A few highlighted projects include the following:A new store layout encourages social distancing and safety Newly installed store displays... Read More »

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Meet a Volunteer: Lou Brown

Name: Lou Brown (aka LouLouBell) The day I knew I wanted to become a Hamilton volunteer: I had just basically retired (for good) and decided I needed to volunteer somewhere. I considered different places in the community. One day I walked into the museum, told them who I was and said I was interested in volunteering. I stepped past the... Read More »

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Personal Notes from Awayzgoose 2020

By Tom Walker Tom Walker of Ramicack Press. Tom has been a professional designer for over 25 years. He has also taught at the university level for a decade. Printing has always been a part of that professional practice and teaching. Tom is now doing more personal artistic and job printing after assembling a modest personal collection of type and... Read More »

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Bill Moran: A long legacy & a lot of great memories

By: Jim Moran When Bill Moran convinced me to volunteer at The Hamilton Museum, it was 2001. He was incredibly excited at the prospects and potential that the museum had. By the following year, he had begun work on: “Hamilton, a History in Headlines” the only book done on the company that highlighted the type cutting and the sprouting of... Read More »

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