Brian and Kim French at the 2017 Hamilton Wayzgoose

At our 2017 Wayzgoose Brian and Kim French discussed the legacy of French Paper Co. with Jim and Bill Moran. Kim and Brian French are a sibling duo that make up the 6th generation of the 145 year old French Paper Company. Growing up a block away from the French Paper mill in Niles, MI they have had pulp in... Read More »

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Hoefler & Co. Catchwords

WTF! (Wood Type Forever!🙌) We worked with Jonathan Hoefler at Hoefler & Co. to bring you some modern coinages as historic catchwords. We provided the wood type know-how and he did the fine designs for these pieces. They will look great on press or on your shelf. They are ready for letterpress printing at .918" end grain rock maple. Make... Read More »

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The Brylski Legacy Font

By George Liesch The Brylski font, designed by Nick Sherman, is the latest font to be completed for the Hamilton Wood Type Museum’s legacy font collection. It follows on the heels of Matthew Carter’s Van Lanen, Erich Spiekermann’s Artz and Louise Fili’s Mardell. All of these fonts are named for people with a connection, in one form or another, to... Read More »

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Cataloging the Enquirer Collection

by Jim Moran How do you make sense of 100 crates of printing blocks? Enter Collection Management professional Paul Pegnato. In a way, getting the collection from Enquirer Printing in Cincinnati was the easy part. The problem was, once you open a crate and realize you have a pile of blocks that range from 2 sheet poster size, (52” x... Read More »

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Shift-lab at Hamilton

July through September of 2017 the museum has elated to display work by Shift-lab. Shift-lab is a collective of artists: Katie Baldwin, Denise Bookwalter, Sarah Bryant, Macy Chadwick, and Tricia Treacy. The collective began in 2013 as a platform for collaborative inquiry and they are propelled by the use of digital and analog technology in communication and collaboration. All five... Read More »

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