Two Rivers Sister City Delegation visits the Museum

What can unite a small town in Wisconsin with one across the globe in the Czech Republic? Letterpress printing at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. The relationship between Two Rivers and Domažlice goes back to the second World War, when Lt. Col. Matt Konop in 1945 was put in charge of a party sent to liberate cities in... Read More »

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Reductive Printing with Mary Bruno

The printing specialty of Mary Bruno, a printmaker based out of Minnesota, is multicolor prints from one singular linoleum block, and the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum was lucky enough to have her share her wisdom onsite Saturday, June 30th. The morning started off with an introduction to Mary and her work. Growing up with a printer for a... Read More »

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In the Gallery: New Impressions 2018

The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum is dedicated to the preservation, study, production and printing of wood type. New Impressions is an international, juried exhibition to showcase exploration and creativity with letterpress printing techniques. From this age-old tradition, we strive to challenge and inspire artists to continue the love of printing. Learn more about each artist's process by looking at this... Read More »

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Brian and Kim French at the 2017 Hamilton Wayzgoose

At our 2017 Wayzgoose Brian and Kim French discussed the legacy of French Paper Co. with Jim and Bill Moran. Kim and Brian French are a sibling duo that make up the 6th generation of the 145 year old French Paper Company. Growing up a block away from the French Paper mill in Niles, MI they have had pulp in... Read More »

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The Brylski Legacy Font

By George Liesch The Brylski font, designed by Nick Sherman, is the latest font to be completed for the Hamilton Wood Type Museum’s legacy font collection. It follows on the heels of Matthew Carter’s Van Lanen, Erich Spiekermann’s Artz and Louise Fili’s Mardell. All of these fonts are named for people with a connection, in one form or another, to... Read More »

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