Cutting new wood type: Bodoni Ultra

A 3A set of Bodoni Ultra type, cut in 6L from an 18L pattern, is currently in production at the Hamilton Wood Shop.    It’s always good to have machines running and sawdust flying in the wood shop! The Hamilton style number (828) is written on several of the patterns. Another notation, “series 675”, is also present on some of... Read More »

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Adventures in Printing With Fish

Two Rivers area teens gathered at Hamilton to investigate gyotaku, a traditional Japanese method of making prints directly from fish. Leading the way was instructor Rebecca Jabs, an artist and educator from Manitowoc, Wisconsin who specializes in scientific illustration. Gyotaku participants worked with freshly-caught whitefish and herring courtesy of the Susie Q Fish Company. The fish were gently coated with... Read More »

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Voices From the 'You Are Here' Exhibit

You Are Here is a large scale installation resembling a giant landscape of buildings and natural elements designed and printed by Jennifer Farrell of Starshaped Press, Hamilton’s Visiting Artist 2019–2022.    You Are Here was printed over six days at the Museum. It utilizes various sizes of large wood type, set and printed in overlapping layers before trimming and assembling... Read More »

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The Linotype Machine: An Evolutionary Cornerstone of Printing Technology

Few machines contributed more to the spread of printing than the Linotype Machine, invented in 1884 by Baltimore watchmaker Ottmar Mergenthaler.   Mergenthaler set out to dramatically reduce the time it took to set type by hand, one letter at a time, as it had been done since Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press in 1452 B.C.E. A single page... Read More »

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The Wood Shop at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum has patterns for many different fonts. These patterns are usually stored as letter sets (A-Z plus punctuation, numerals, etc) with each pattern in its own drawer. Most of our type patterns are indeed stored that way, in hundreds of drawers in the Wood Shop.    However, one cabinet contains... Read More »

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