Do You Have an Item to Donate to the Museum?

Many of the finest pieces in the Hamilton Museum have come through the generosity of gracious people who have preserved items in hopes they will be valued. While we do accept some donations, space and quantity cause us to be selective.To begin, the Museum staff must research possible donations to determine what it is, whether the Museum already has such... Read More »

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Meet a Volunteer: Shann Stephani

Name: Shann Stephani¬†¬† The day I knew I wanted to become a Hamilton volunteer: July 10, 2011. I visited the museum for the first time, took a self-guided tour, met Bill Moran and learned about the Target collaboration. I visited a few more times and took two workshops and I was hooked. I waited until my job schedule allowed me... Read More »

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1.5 million pieces of wood type; where did that come from?

By: Jim Moran Irving Silverman of Brooklyn, New York, was a copy editor from Knitting-wear News back in 1958. He had gone to his printer to check proofs on a job and while he waited in the pressroom, he saw a strange thing. The press operators were pulling drawers from cabinets and dumping hundreds of pieces of type into the... Read More »

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Hamilton Company: A Proud Legacy

By: Peter Crabbe I was "surgically" removing some drawers and cabinet doors in my house recently to make space for a dishwasher. It proved challenging as the modest-looking plywood cabinet boxes are solidly constructed, supported by oak bracing and mortice and tenon framing. I had experienced something similar when I removed a closet dividing wall about 18 months earlier and... Read More »

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Improved Visitor Experience

Although we have been closed for the a year due to COVID, staff and volunteers have been busy striving for an improved visitor experience! Starting in March of 2021 the museum is open Saturdays from 10am to 4pm until further notice. A few highlighted projects include the following:A new store layout encourages social distancing and safety Newly installed store displays... Read More »

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