Improved Visitor Experience

Although we have been closed for the a year due to COVID, staff and volunteers have been busy striving for an improved visitor experience! Starting in March of 2021 the museum is open Saturdays from 10am to 4pm until further notice.

A few highlighted projects include the following:
A new store layout encourages social distancing and safety

Newly installed store displays enable visibility of posters and merchandise

Donors enabled the purchase of a new electric scooter for ambulatory assistance

Hamilton branding has been refreshed – introducing a new style and look

The museum’s annual conference, “Awayzgoose” was strictly virtual – a first for the museum!

As way to stay connected throughout the pandemic, Hamilton Hangs were established

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel donated a new press – the Miehle Pony

New posters were printed and include both original designs and Enquirer restrikes: “I Dream a World, " An original poster with quote by Langston Hughes and Polar Bear, An Enquirer restrike (reprinted using vintage blocks).

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