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Hamilton Hang

We miss you on a normal basis, but with all this social distancing we really want to see your smiling faces. So, please plan to join us for a Zoom call (or two or three) so we can chat for a bit. We are asking some of our friends from the print, design, and type worlds to be our guest and co-host for each zoom call. So we can see what they are up to and find out how you're doing.

Attendees: You. Open to the first 100 friends that join us.

Topic: What are our guest co-hosts doing? What are you up to? What are you making?

Duration: About an hour-ish.

Note: Meeting recorded and distributed for posterity's sake. ⠀

Hamilton Hangs are supported in part with the generosity of Hoefler&Co. Check out their amazing collection of fonts at


Currently Scheduled Dates for Hamilton Hangs:

REGISTER for Friday, November 20, 12:00pm CST with Gary Walton at the Cincinnati Type & Print Museum

Cincinnati Type & Print Museum is preserving the history of printing in Greater Cincinnati, creating an environment for artist to create handmade paper and print letterpress items, and breaking the cycle of addiction by providing training, jobs and dignity to the people of Price Hill. Gary Walton was originally a press instructor. He has trained himself in the art of color separation, color pre-press, advance color printing and now digital color printing, and is now sought for his color expertise. He has consulted and trained printers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and other parts of the country. He is devoted to the printing craft, and continuously promotes the industry. He has train over 3,500 graphic communications students at Cincinnati State and this fall will begin his 45tth year of teaching at the college.

REGISTER for Friday, December 4, 12:00pm CST with Julie Chen of Flying Fish Press

Julie Chen is an internationally known book artist who has been publishing limited edition artists’ books under the Flying Fish Press imprint for 30 years. Her books combine text and image with innovative book structures to create reading experiences that engage the reader in interactions that go far beyond the simple turning of a page.

REGISTER for Friday, December 11, 12:00pm CST with Letterform Archive

Letterform Archive is a nonprofit center for inspiration, education, publishing, and community. The Archive was founded by Rob Saunders, a collector of the letter arts for over 40 years, as a place to share his private collection with the public. This year Letterform Archive had to find a new home. At this Hamilton Hang join Editorial Director & Associate Curator, Stephen Coles, and Education Director, Grendl Löfkvist, as we get introduced to the new location of Letterform Archive.

REGISTER for Friday, December 18, 12:00pm CST with Tom Walker of Ramicack Press

Tom Walker has been a professional designer for over 25 years. He has also taught at the university level for a decade. Printing has alway been a part of that professional practice and teaching. Walker is now doing more personal artistic and job printing after assembling a modest personal collection of type and a few presses over the last several years. Recent print work and workshops have explored themes of ornament and pattern. Through a life in design he's also been intrigued by the technical aspects of printing, the engraved image, stamps and currency.


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Watch previous Hamilton Hangs in the playlist on our YouTube page. We are constantly adding more full chats and tid-bits.


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