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Hamilton Hang

We miss you on a normal basis, but with all this social distancing we really want to see your smiling faces. So, please plan to join us for a Zoom call (or two or three) so we can chat for a bit. We are asking some of our friends from the print, design, and type worlds to be our guest and co-host for each zoom call. So we can see what they are up to and find out how you're doing.

Attendees: You. Open to the first 300 friends that join us.

Topic: What are our guest co-hosts doing? What are you up to? What are you making?

Duration: About an hour-ish.

Note: Meeting recorded and distributed for posterity's sake. ⠀

Currently Scheduled Dates for Hamilton Hangs:

REGISTER for Friday, January 29, 12:00pm CST with Bill Moran

In this Hamilton Hang, let’s celebrate and reminisce with Bill Moran on his last day at Hamilton. Bill has decided to increase his teaching from part-time to full-time and has many exciting print projects in the works. Bill is a 3rd-generation letterpress printer, graphic designer and professor of printing history at the University of Minnesota. Beginning in 2001 he volunteered for Hamilton in a variety of roles including the writing and publishing of the book “Hamilton Wood Type, A History in Headlines.” As Artistic Director, then Partnerships & Development Officer, Bill has been responsible for many artistic projects, exciting partnerships, and dynamic fundraising for the museum. We are very appreciative of all of Bill’s hard work and he will be missed.

REGISTER for Friday, February 5, 12:00pm CST with Rebecca Chamlee of Pie In The Sky Press

Rebecca Chamlee is a book artist, printer, writer, and bookbinder who has published innovatively designed, letterpress printed, limited-edition fine press, and artist’s books under the imprint of Pie In The Sky Press since 1986. As a self-taught naturalist and citizen scientist, Rebecca’s artist’s books examine the intersection of her artistic and scientific interests by collecting and cataloging the natural world. We’ll explore Rebecca’s nature inspired four-color and continuous tone letterpress printed imagery seen in her books and original prints.

REGISTER for Friday, February 19, 12:00pm CST with Casey McGarr
of Inky Lips Press

In this Hamilton Hang, we’ll check out Casey McGarr’s letterpress printed posters and collection of CNC routed wood type and blocks. Casey established Inky Lips Letterpress in 2001, which has been designing and printing invitations and poster work for a variety of local, national and international clients, as well as, teaching letterpress workshops. Casey is an Associate Professor at Texas A&M University-Commerce, teaching in the Visual Communication program at the downtown Dallas location.

REGISTER for Saturday, February 27, 12:00pm CST with Cory Wasnewsky of Three Cheers Press (Make note this event is a Saturday!)

In this Hamilton Hang, we’ll learn about Cory Wasnewsky’s “Instrumental” letterpress print series. The series features various instruments created by using existing wood type, metal type, dingbats, and symbols. Cory is a printer, designer, and press mechanic at Hatch Show Print. On the clock, Cory enjoys learning the traditional ways of the letterpress trade, so he can then bend the rules, and push the boundaries of letterpress. In his spare time he works under the press name “Three Cheers Press” where he does job printing, designing, and press repair house calls.





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