Awayzgoose 2020 – The show will go on!

Friends, old and new, while we cannot gather in person, we are looking forward to meeting you and seeing you through the pixels on our screens

The Wayzgoose is an opportunity to experience the Museum at its most vibrant. We seize the occasion to introduce attendees to new ideas or old ideas turned on their heads, and share wonderful stories and awe-inspiring practices, as they are presented by each ‘Goose’s stellar group of presenting speakers. We turn on all the lights, crank up the heat, brew an extra pot of coffee, and it pays off. Colleagues, fellow type-o-philes, historians, designers, and printers, students, and artists brighten every corner, in conversation or exploration of the Museum’s collections. Anyone new to the event leaves a friend. Of everyone and all. It just is that type of affair.

This extended weekend together is our opportunity to share the work we’ve been doing in the last year, glean feedback from our community and peers, and honestly, garner support, both spiritual/constitutional and financial, for the coming year’s work.

With a staff of five, working in a Museum that houses over two million artifacts organized in multiple collections in active use to educate school groups, enliven workshops, engage the community, and contribute to the scholarship in the areas of printing history, industrial processes, graphic design, and more, we rely on our busiest four days of the year to build the foundation upon which the rest of the year rests. And, we are humbled and honored by the generous support we receive each year.

As you are experiencing it too, you know that this year has been profoundly and unceasingly odd/difficult for so many of us, professionally and personally. We cannot imagine anything better for all of us than to gather together, but until it’s safe to do so literally, we want to do it virtually. The ‘Goose must go on!

You can click here to learn more about this year’s format, and roster of presenters. And, as in years past we are offering stellar workshops, though they too, will be presented remotely.

We have priced the attendance to the conference with the understanding that we’re not going to be able to provide you with the extra heat, or that cup of coffee and sweet treat that hits the spot on Sunday morning. Depending on the virtual conference style you prefer, you’ll find a package that suits.

One upside to this year’s conference: The museum shop will be open twenty-four hours a day! It will be stocked with fresh prints and new must-have merch.

And, we feel compelled to ask a favor of you: For those of you who are able, we’d like to request an additional donation to the conference-even five or ten dollars will help!-that we will put toward conference attendance fees for friends and colleagues who may find themselves temporarily unable to take on additional expenses this year, in particular. Not only will you feel warm inside, your donation will bring so much more to the gathering by broadening the circle.

While we take gifts and donations year round, this is the event of the year we rely on to restore our resources and carry on.

We can't wait to see you in November! Until then we hope you're staying inky.

All photos in this post by Tipocracia / Henrique Nardi

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