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Makeready: Hamilton 25th Anniversary Poster by Brad Vetter

In 2024, Hamilton enters its 25th year as a museum! Brad Vetter (Brad Vetter Design) knocked it out of the park with a 25th anniversary emblem that reflects our strong foundation and continued growth. 

Brad’s design combines geometric shapes, historic print/type shop elements, woodgrain patterning, and Hamilton borders. Topped off by Louise Fili’s ‘Mardell’ Type Legacy typeface, this 25th anniversary poster is a fitting celebration of the museum and our wonderful community of printers and friends. 

This poster measures 12x18in / 30.45x45.72 cm and is printed in 5 colors on miscellaneous paper from the artist's stock of pre-printed 'makeready' material. Each back is a unique in and of itself. 


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