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New Impressions: "Printopia" by Tipos en su tinta

12.4" x 12.4"

This piece is included in the New Impressions Exhibition on display at the museum July 2-September 28, 2024. There are a limited number of these prints available.

Artist Biography

German graphic designer Matthias Beck and Norwegian graphic designer Lars Amundsen teamed up in 2014 to create this letterpress workshop in the Canary Islands. Tipos en su tinta as it is called, is a totally manual letterpress workshop and most of the printing tools have been rescued from old print workshops on the island where they both have lived for almost 20 years. 

Apart from designing and printing limited edition prints, Tipos en su tinta offer creative workshops to the local residents and European tourists not only seeking the sun but also a taste of the local culture in Tenerife.

Description of Process

This Vinyl record was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Tipos en su Tinta Workshop. The experimental musician Ernst Surberg visited our workshop and was inspired by the sounds and interacting movements of the ‘bodies’: machines and humans. Recordings of the activity became the fundamental resources from which the tracks derived. In a rather tedious post-production process, in which Ernst Surberg reshaped them, at times leaving them untouched, at times subjecting them to completely new ideas.

The concept for the cover design was to reflect the unique mixture of mechanical sounds from the workshop and their modulations with the synthesizer. We came up with the idea to use recently obsolete material from our short-living-modern-times like computers and other discarded objects and to print them on our restored printing press from the nineteen twenties. Bringing all these obsolete objects to type height, they became usable again for the letterpress printing technique. 

Just as with the vinyl record, the letterpress technique is living a revival which shows that they are both far away from being obsolete. As a homage to the Golden Times of Vinyl and Rock 'n Roll we chose to create a kind of "Cyborg-Jagger" on the front cover.

All the texts on the cover where handset in lead type and printed manually on our Robel Proof Press in October 2023. The record was produced in a limited edition of a hundred copies and comes with a signed poster.

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