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Original Print: Initial Impressions Renaissance Capitals

14" x 12" [35.56 cm x 30.48 cm]

Get this limited edition, numbered print created specifically for this exhibition. The initials for this print were recreated and the entire design was hand-set and letterpress printed.

The Maywald Collection, comprised of over 6000 printed book fragments, includes ornamental initials that date from 1470 to 1690. This exhibit demonstrates the unparalleled craftsmanship of wood engravers who created wood type for use in early printing. Claus Maywald, head librarian at the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany, donated the collection to the University of Minnesota in 2011 where they serve as exemplars of early decorative typography. The exhibit includes dozens of enlarged versions of these capitals as well as a selection of the original printed fragments. This exhibit is made possible with the support of The Andersen Library Special Collections at the University of Minnesota.

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