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Field Notes - Great Lakes Summer 2022 Quarterly Edition

Jump into six quadrillion gallons of fresh water with Field Notes’ Summer 2022 Quarterly Edition. “The Great Lakes” set of five Memo Books celebrates Lakes Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie, and Ontario. Indigenous peoples’ deep knowledge of these five glacier-carved lakes served them well for for agri­culture, hunting, and trade. Today, the Great Lakes continue to connect Midwestern manufacturing towns to the rest of the world. These waterways have brought people together for thousands of years. If you grew up around Marquette, Manitowoc, Mentor, or Mississauga, the Great Lakes are your frame of reference, and anywhere in the region feels like home.

The Field Notes Chicago HQ sits just a couple miles from Lake Michigan, so a Great Lakes set was on their minds for years. Neenah’s vibrant Cobalt Techweave cover stock provided inspiration for the isometric triangle rendering of the lakes found on the covers, with each book’s featured lake highlighted in silver ink.

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