Friday Welcome Wagon

Come on Friday to experience the Museum and be together before the conference kicks off! We will have ‘Goose Ambassadors to guide you and introduce you to the culture and traditions of a Hamilton Wayzgoose. Attendees not taking a workshop can check-in starting at 10:00am.

Wayzgoose speakers and activities take up much of the rest of the weekend—so before it all begins, spend time with old friends and new, wandering and talking, and participate in these open, drop-in experiences starting at 2:00pm (no registration necessary).


2:00 – 5:00pm

Provisional Press Playtime

Steve and Liz Garst

The Garsts, makers of the Provisional Press, will lead an interactive session where attendees can explore alternative methods of printing using LEGO blocks and other nontraditional matrices to print designs on the Provisional Press. The Provisional Press is a DIY proof press that makes letterpress printing a lighter and less expensive endeavor for new printers, educators, and artists. Over the last three years, the Garsts have sold thousands of press kits all over the world. In addition to selling the kits, they lead workshops for children and community members to introduce them to the world of letterpress printmaking. In this open and interactive session you can come with an idea to print or come to play. There is a special focus on accessibility, so if you would like tips, pointers, or just share some stories about printing with the public, drop in and play with a Provisional Press.


2:00 – 6:00pm


Custom Chainstitching by Vichcraft (additional fee)

Jenna Blazevich

Bring your own garments to have them chainstitched on a vintage, hand-crank embroidery machine. Items that work best are denim, canvas, or other woven (non-stretchy) fabrics, like jeans cuffs, denim jackets, and tote bags. T-shirts and thin knit/stretchy fabrics are not ideal for chainstitch.


2:00 – 6:00pm


Make and Take a Postcard

Print a postcard on one of Hamilton’s small platen presses.


2:00 – 5:00pm 

Type Crit

Dan Rhatigan

Want to get some expert feedback on a typeface you’ve been designing? Come to the Museum Gallery with paper or PDF specimens that show what you’ve been doing. Type designer Dan Rhatigan will take a look at your project, offer some thoughts, and encourage some discussion about things to consider as you develop it.


2:00 – 4:00pm



Wood Type Cleaning

Lend a hand with an essential part of preserving the collection and clean some Hamilton wood type. Learn about the care it takes to keep type alive and ready to be inked up for another 100 years. Gloves will be provided!

Type Specimen Treats

See some of the special items from the Museum library including type specimen books. No white gloves required, but wash your hands and no drooling on the books please.

Border Stamping

Jen Anne

Brought back to life by industrial archeologist Daniel Schneider, our border stamping machine is truly unique, and will be in action for your viewing pleasure.



2:00 – 3:00pm



Tour of the Museum #1

Learn about the history of the Hamilton Manufacturing Company and the exciting things the museum is doing today.






Wood Type Production Presentation

George Brylski, Jen Anne and David Carpenter

See wood type being produced on the museum’s pantographs. Learn about the entire process of making wood type, from half round to finished piece. Brought back to life by industrial archeologist Daniel Schneider, our border stamping machine is truly unique, and will be in action for your viewing pleasure.






Tour of the Museum #2

Jim Moran

Find out all the inky secrets on this special behind-the-scenes tour with Hamilton’s Master Printer and Collections Officer.


Explore and celebrate Wayzgoose with a collectible Badge Set!

Wayzgoose Badge Experience - Starter Set

This Badge Experience includes six pinnable patches and a guide. “Think Scouts meets Wayzgoose!” Be sure to get one if you missed out last year or this is your first time at Hamilton.

2023 Special Edition Badge Set & Zine

Get your 15th anniversary set of three pinnable patches designed by Wayzgoose presenters Jim Moran, Sarah Matthews and Morgan Calderini and a riso zine created by Dan Rhatigan and Briar Levit.

Both are available at a discount when you Register or at the Dry Goods Store during Wayzgoose weekend.





Saturday Swap and Sale

Join the fun and bring prints, posters, and print/design related items. There will be pre-registered vendor tables with items to swap or buy. You can participate in this event by walking around and just carrying the items you would like to swap with others, in addition to buying from vendors.

And be sure to stop for our “make and take” a wood type poster!