Throughout 2019, 28 posters were created by a diverse group of printers for Ham at 20. Many were invited to contribute and others volunteered; all were united by a passion for type, printing and Hamilton itself. The only directive was to include wood type. Design, content & materials were at the discretion of the individual printers/teams.

Ham at 20 was organized by Jennifer Farrell of Starshaped Press, also celebrating its 20th anniversary as a letterpress studio. Jen was artist-in-residence for 2019-2021 and Ham at 20 was her first initiative with the museum.

The posters were created by a roster of accomplished letterpress printers and promising up-and-comers starting in the field. In this way, the important typographic legacy of Hamilton Wood Type remains vibrant through the next generation of designers and printers.

Paper for the posters is generously donated by French Paper and by Mohawk Paper for the final portfolios and colophons.