Morgan Calderini


There is a certainty in the printed word, and at Ladyfingers Letterpress, we express that same certainty in the belief that new futures where people are safe, seen and celebrated are possible. We live in an extraordinary time where there are incredible injustices happening every day and where our main vehicle of information is the internet, a place rife with misinformation and where truths are often twisted. Our response comes from a place of organizing and healing, pushing forward a positive message that people can emotionally and physically hold onto. In the words of Amos P. Kennedy, we “Put the message in the hands of the people and move on.”

Join Colorado Springs-based Ladyfingers Letterpress as they discuss their approach to message making, from pen to press. For the past 12 years they have joined the art of hand-lettering and letterpress as the basis of their creations, often blurring the lines between art and activism. As a trans and queer-owned business, they create work from their lived experiences and work to create a world in which others can do the same.

Morgan Calderini

Morgan Calderini holds a BFA in Printmaking from RISD. She established and managed Rhode Island’s first community printshop and has taught at AS220, Penland, Reykjavik Letterpress and on streets and sidewalks whenever possible.

Calderini and her spouse/co-conspirator, Arley Torsone, founded Ladyfingers Letterpress in 2011. They opened a storefront in her hometown of Colorado Springs in 2016, where they host workshops, sell their wares, and folks can see presses running and products being created. Ladyfingers believes in the “power of the press” to produce and disseminate work that mobilize movements, while building community to organize, heal and envision new futures.