Dan Elliott

Pieces of Craft & East Carolina University

During a summer Experimental Letterpress Printing course at East Carolina University, Dan Elliott led a group of 11 students in creating the “World's Largest* California Job Case".

The proposed presentation will follow the class's several-week process of learning to print which led to a series of technical prompts and their pursuit to control the outcomes. These ranged from printing legos, chipboard, and bubble-wrap, to making their own veneer type using a laser and the school's woodshop. Through these prompts and experiments, students engage in problem-solving, continually trying to push themselves, their abilities, and conceptual development.

After gaining experience printing and a final prompt, the class devised a plan to collaboratively print a 20' x 11' California Job Case to show off their new letterpress printing skills and recently diagnosed typophilia. We divided the design of the case into 196 individual sheets and divvied up equally among the 12 printers (14 sheets each). After printing for 9 days, the class laid out the completed prints on the floor, taped everything together, and mounted them on three 2x4s for hanging in East Carolina University's School of Art & Design's front atrium.

*has not been even remotely verified, but who else would be crazy enough to do this?"

Dan Elliott is a designer and design educator that is compelled to try new things, to investigate ideas in his head, to lose himself in the creative process without rules or fear of failing. as an educator, dan encourages his students to take residency in the unknown and to discover new approaches to thinking and making.