Celene Aubry

Hatch Show Print / Run With Scissors, Please!

What is a wood type twofer? A piece of wood type that sometime during the course of its lifetime has wound up with two faces, its original manufacturer-cut face and on the reverse, something carved after the piece of type left the manufacturer.

Why on earth would someone cut into a perfectly good piece of type?
How many wood type twofers are there in the wood type world?
What was cut into the reverse side of the type?
Are there other types of twofers? (pun intended)
Who cares?

Celene Aubry and Jason Wedekind have spent some time pondering these very questions, and have some answers, plus more questions, including where other specimens of these rare pieces of letterpress printing history might be, and whether they can print with them.

Join us for a brief introduction to their particular fascination with wood type twofers, see examples of the type as well as prints made from them, and join in the hunt for more of these wood type wonders!

A free chap book containing examples of recent discoveries from the collections of various institutions, including Hatch Show Print, and private citizens will be made available to all attendees.

Celene Aubry is the Director and Shop Manager at Hatch Show Print, the iconic letterpress print shop continuously operating since 1879 in Nashville, Tennessee. While the business thrives as a letterpress poster and design shop, expanded programming includes a visiting artist program, a gallery showcasing print-centric art, and offering hands-on tours and workshops from the education space. In between poster runs and whatnot, she also enjoys analog photography, making cyanotypes and van Dyke photoprints specifically.