Jen Farrell

Starshaped Press

Have a vision of creating your own print shop, with presses humming on projects that both feed you and pay your student loans? It can be done with planning, perseverance and padding for mistakes.

This talk touches on many of the logistics to consider when starting a business, from acquiring equipment to budgeting projects and accounting. We’ll focus on the holistic aspects of developing client relationships, working with your community, honoring the craft and paying it forward. These essentials will remind you why you started a business when you’re working 9 to 5… and all the other hours, too.

Since 1999, Jennifer Farrell has operated Starshaped Press in Chicago, with a focus on designing & printing everything from business cards to posters, as well as custom commissions, wholesale ephemera and limited edition prints & books.

All work in the studio is created with metal and wood type, making Starshaped one of the few presses in the country producing commercial work while preserving antique type and related print materials.

Jennifer’s work has been repeatedly recognized in books, magazines and design blogs, and has appeared in poster shows throughout the USA and Europe.