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Building the Big Block Easels

The museum received many packing crates full of big printing blocks from Enquirer Printing in Cincinnati, Ohio. They can be up to 54" x 40" in size. The Enquirer Printing Company printed posters for circuses, carnivals and other customers. I saw a few big blocks leaning against the wall on a visit. It occurred to me these should be up... Read More »

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I Wanted to Build Something Else for the Museum

Last winter I built a bunch of display cases so the Hamilton Museum could show 
off more of their wood type collection. I looked at the Wish List a while ago and
 saw a need for strong tables for workshop areas. I figured maybe I could make 
I know wood working well enough to make some tables, but strong... Read More »

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The Idea of Building 18 Display Cabinets

How I found the museum I was looking at Wisconsin sites on the web and found one about interesting places to see around Manitowoc. I never heard of wood type and the history of that industry, so I looked at the Hamilton site and recorded the address. A year later I looked again and the museum was moving. They had... Read More »

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