Meet a Volunteer: Benjamin C. Jordan

The museum is known and loved worldwide for its fabulous collections, hands-on studios and workshops, exceptional events, and stunning printmaking. But the day to day running of the museum - the giving of tours, manning of the front desk, housekeeping, and other mundane but necessary tasks - could not happen without a group of dedicated volunteers. This post is part of a series of blog posts highlighting those volunteers, the unsung heroes, that help make the museum the magical place it has become.

Name: Benjamin C. Jordan

The day I knew I wanted to become a Hamilton volunteer:  I had been taking classes here and there at the museum in the old space for a few years. I never thought of volunteering until the move happened. The museum called out for help to move the museum from their old location to their new one. I spent hours in the back room helping pack the globe collection. That’s when I knew I wanted to help out on a regular basis once the museum opened back up.

Number of years I’ve been at it: 5? (However long the museum has been at the new location. Lost track of how many years, lol. Been having too much fun. [Editor's note: Ben sure has been having a lot of fun! The museum has been at this address for 8 years. We're so happy he is enjoying volunteering as much as we love having him as part of the team.]

Favorite project: I’ve been helping Paul out with the enquirer collection since it arrived on site. I enjoy being able to open up the crates, clean the blocks, log them and take the pics of the blocks 

Little known fact about me: I used to have a radio show at KUOM in Minneapolis called “The All Request Hour with Cliff Roberts”

Proudest moment: My proudest moment is when I get to volunteer at Wayzgoose and I get to be part of the crew that helps make that weekend happen.

When not volunteering: I’m working at as a graphic technician at a company that prints on flexible packaging. In my spare time I’m traveling and using my photography skills.

A poster I would like to see printed would showcase the unique shapes. Different letters and numbers. There’s so many unique characters out there that are designed so beautifully.

Growing up I wanted to be: A photographer for television news. (I actually did work in tv for 15 years.)

Now I look forward to: Once this virus stuff is behind us, I’m looking forward to traveling more with my camera to see what this world has to offer.


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