The First "Familiar Faces & Extended Families" Letterpress Workshop

On Saturday, January 28, we enjoyed our first workshop in the "Familiar Faces & Extended Families" letterpress workshops series. This is a series of 5 letterpress workshops sponsored by Hoefler & Co. In this workshop we looked at and printed with Antique styles. Antique wood type is a slab-serif style that is unbracketed and often has a serif that is nearly equal in weight to the stem. There are many variations on this style and several letter styles were derived from basic Antique, including Latin, Grecian and Antique Tuscan. We looked at the history, use and design of Antique styles, before enjoying a full day of printing posters. Jim Moran, museum director, and Stephanie Carpenter, assistant director, put out fonts of type that are not commonly available to workshop participants.

Join us for one of these daylong workshops at the museum where we'll focus on one particular type style. From Cooper to Clarendon and Gothics to Grotesques, we'll draw from Hamilton's collection to make broadsides and posters all within a given category of type. These workshops are offered once a month from January through May 2017. Register now for one or all!

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