Help Hamilton Move: Unpacking in a New Location

We are busy here at the new museum location.We are almost entirely out of the original location. It is strange and sad to see it so empty. However, the new location will allow us to expand in many ways. It doubles the amount of space the museum occupies, which means more of the collection will be on display, we will have dedicated residency studios, and we can develop a classroom and library. In May we will be preparing the space with new paint, new lights, and doing a few repairs. Then in June and July we hope to have many volunteers who will help us set up the new pressrooms, displays, and classrooms. We can't wait to reopen and start printing again.

If you would like to help us unpack in our new location, at 1816 10th Street, Two Rivers, WI, please join us for one of our 'Move Events'. This is your chance to help re-open the new Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. The museum is closed to the public for tours and general admittance, but you are welcome to join us as a volunteer as the museum unpacks and sets up in our new location. The museum will be closed through July of 2013, so there are many dates available that you can help. The more help we get, the sooner we re-open the doors.

We are looking to get a hearty team of volunteers each weekend, so bring your friends. We had some wonderful helpers while we packed up the entire collection, and now the type, presses, and printed pieces need to find their home in the new museum location. This is one more way to ensure that Two River's, printing, and design history will be preserved and you can be a part of it.

In June and July we will be having groups of about 12 setting up the new location space. The task for each 'Move Event' will be outlined on the specific event page. This is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the museum's history. You can help us set up of the premier wood type collections in the world. Your part would help us keep this collection safe and available for years to come.

If you want to join us as a volunteer for the move please expect to work an 8 hour day. We will start at 9 am with introductions and a more detailed description of the task and work until 5 pm with a one hour lunch break. Water, coffee, and tea will be provided all day.

Since we have a large project ahead of us it would be best if you could join us for two days in a row. We recognize that this isn't always an option for everyone, so please let us know. We have received some discount rates for volunteers from local places to stay and you can find those details on the event page.

We are packing up a 14 year-old museum with some very heavy, sometimes dusty, and mostly old materials. Because of this you must sign a waiver of liability to participate. We will provide safety materials, like dust masks and gloves. Please dress in layers and be sure to wear sturdy shoes as we will be working on concrete floors all day in an old factory.

You must register for a "Move Event" since there will only be so many people to a team. Please check our calendar for the available dates in June and July. There is no cost for these events, it is a volunteer role. Thank you for your support! Join us in moving the museum! If you have any questions please e-mail the museum at

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