Wisconsin Science Festival

Sunday Oct. 25, 2015 1-4pm

Have you ever wondered how books, posters, newspapers and signs were printed – long before computers and technology existed? Does letterpress printing sound familiar to you? What about wood type?

Communication is so important to our lives every singe day. In fact, when we hear the word “communication” we usually think of texting, social media, computers and the internet… but imagine using wood to communicate. More specifically, wood type combined with ink, paper and a press to create printed messages such as posters, signs and book pages!

At the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum you have an opportunity to experience letterpress printing – and take home a commemorative poster! “Made in Wisconsin” is this year’s Wisconsin Science Festival theme, and the museum is providing an opportunity for visitors to actually experience letterpress printing. Also, come and see a demonstration on the pantograph (the power tool used to create wood type) and enjoy a guided tour of the museum.

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