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Enquirer Letterform Series No. 1

The Enquirer Collection Letterforms Series No. 1 is a new series of full-color, large 24 x 30-inch digital photo prints documenting colorful examples of original letterform woodcuts from the Enquirer Printing collection acquired by HWTPM in 2015. The Letterform Series features carefully chosen characters of each letter of the alphabet and selected punctuation, and accurately reflect the detail and craftmanship behind the creation of these timeless artifacts.

Founded in Cincinnati in 1895 and spanning four generations of the Anderson Family, Enquirer Printing was renowned for its impactful design and craftsmanship in producing multi-colored hand carved wood relief cuts serving the print promotion needs of the entertainment industry during the mainstay of the 20th century. 

Just short of having the original objects themselves, these prints are bold, sharp and resonate with their own unique iconic presence – perfect gifts for others or yourself to adorn and personalize your dwelling or workplace.

Enquirer Print Details:

  • Digital pigment print is on 100% cotton rag content paper with minimum optical brighteners, medium/heavy 285gsm, 18-mil paper
  • Prints rated for permanence of 100+ years (displayed or stored out of direct sunlight, UV inhibiting frame glazing recommended) using the 2018 HP Vivid Photo ink set.
  • Finished paper size: 24 (W) x 30 (H) inches
  • Image size: varies based on the original woodcut’s proportions – with slight variations, most images approximately 26” high - with 2 inch borders on top and bottom of finished paper size.
  • Note: The “AND” print is a half-width print, approx. 11.5 x 30 inch paper (priced accordingly)
  • Series No. 1 is printed to order and a hand-numbered open edition – each print for each individual letter is consecutively numbered, dated and signed as they are produced.

Items are printed to order.

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