Daniel Morris

The Arm

In this presentation I will explore how The Arm has adapted and evolved in difficult circumstances in an unforgiving city.

I will talk about how newfound limitations on public events have affected our working model and how we have embraced change, dug in on poster printing, press restoration and sales, and added an important collection of hand-carved poster blocks and billboard wood type fonts for a new series of letterpress art editions.

Daniel Morris runs The Arm, a letterpress shop in Brooklyn, New York active since 2005. He comes from a family of printers going back four generations.

Daniel has been involved with letterpress at The Cooper Union since 2007 where he works with the undergraduate school of art and the Type@Cooper typeface design program.

He has taught workshops and set up printing-based events for Google, Facebook, Twitter, The New York Times, Airbnb, Conde Nast and The Cooper Hewitt Museum. He has an undying love for Vandercook proof presses.