Documenting Company and Community Life: The Hamiltonian Magazine

The Hamiltonian was a quarterly magazine produced by the Hamilton Manufacturing Company in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. The collection at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum contains issues of The Hamiltonian dating back to 1944, with December 1944 being the earliest issue in the museum's collection.


The December 1944 issue lists the names of service men (former company  employees) missing or killed in action. This issue was published four years after the death of the founder of Hamilton Manufacturing Company, James E. Hamilton.


Most issues of The Hamiltonian featured a message from the company president as well as a list of retiring Hamilton employees. Graduating high school seniors were celebrated in each June issue of the Hamiltonian.


Sometimes, The Hamiltonian would highlight engagements, weddings and births within the community and company.


Special company events such as open houses, service club dinners, retirement planning courses, Christmas parties, and company picnics were highlighted in the magazine. Of course, The Hamiltonian also contained advertisements for type and furniture produced by the Hamilton Manufacturing Company. 


Overall, the museum's aggregate collection of The Hamiltonian issues reflects the contemporaenous activities and values of the Hamilton Manufacturing Company in the middle of the twentieth century.

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