Windgate Project Managers: Fall 2016

Through a gracious contribution from the Windgate Foundation, Hamilton has embarked on an organizational project to catalog the museum’s collections. We started the process in 2015 working with Heather Buechler, Raychel Lauen and Vida Sacic. In the fall of 2016 we brought in Scott Mann and Tom Walker to continue the monumental task of organizing and proofing the type and printing blocks in the Globe Collection. The Windgate Project Managers are an important part of the museum as we move forward with many large projects.

Scott Mann is the Graphic Design Area Coordinator and Associate Professor at Coastal Carolina University. He has many years of experience in professional practice, as well. Scott has been visiting and printing at the museum for the past couple of years. During his time working as a Windgate Project Manager he sorted type by line, size, and weight in the Globe Collection. This work allows that collection to be more usable. This type came to the museum unsorted and each full font that gets restored allows it to be printed more easily.

Tom Walker is a freelance visual designer working out of Indianapolis. Tom has been printing and volunteering at Hamilton for over 5 years. Earlier in 2016 we started the large task of proofing all the decorative blocks in the Globe Collection. Tom's skill as a printer meant that he could continue this process during his time at Hamilton. He printed many 'fair' and 'circus' blocks during the first couple weeks of December 2016. These proofs allow us to assess the blocks and get a good print of each image.

The hard work of the Windgate Project Managers have helped us move forward in leaps and bounds with the Globe Collection. In the last two years we have sorted, organized, photographed, and started the proofing process of this massive collection. As we start 2017 we are looking forward to continuing this tremendous project.

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