Welcome, Silver Buckle Press!

We are pleased to announce a long-term agreement and collaboration with the University of Wisconsin to house the Silver Buckle Press (SBP) at our location.

Former Hamilton Resident Artist and SBP curator for many years, Tracy Honn has been an ambassador of Hamilton since our beginning. With Tracy's plans to retire from the UW in 2016, the University determined that budget cuts would make it impossible to replace her in that role. The most creative solution is to move the SBP to Hamilton to further preserve the craft of letterpress printing though programming and education. We have set aside an area within the museum to house the SBP and maintain it as a discrete collection.

Our plans include establishing a SBP Residency for qualified printers, give pre-scheduled tours, and make the SBP available for teachers offering instruction in hand composition, fine printing and book arts. We are excited about this ongoing partnership with the UW System, which will include opportunities to digitize materials from Hamilton’s library and archives.

For more details from the UW Madison NEWS, click here.

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