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P22 Specimen Chapbooks

32 page, 4.5" x 6.5"

As all media continues to lean towards digital and fewer printed pieces are being made, people still ask for printed type specimens. P22 decided to redouble its efforts to keep print alive and has produced these P22 specimen chapbooks. Each of these 32 page books are printed in a limited edition of 1500 with hand printed letterpress covers featuring metallic inks on chipboard. Each book measures 4.5" x 6.5" and showcases a specific font family, foundry or style of font.

#1 - Rimmer Type Foundry - The collected digital fonts of Jim Rimmer. Please note that RTF fonts are currently available via CanadaType. (silver ink on cover, brown/black inside)

#2 - Mackinac Pro - A new award winning type family from designer Mike Beens. (copper ink on cover, blue/black inside)

#3 - P22 Script fonts - Well over 50 assorted script fonts featured in the book with a focus on a wide scope of calligraphic, handwriting, and otherwise flowing examples of lettering arts offered by P22 type foundry via IHOF, Lanston, and P22. (silver ink on cover, red/black inside)

#4 - Lanston Type Co. - The designs of the American half of the legendary Lanston Monotype Company made its way to P22 after a series of owners, and now this chapbook officially becomes the first Lanston print catalog in over 20 years. (dark green ink on cover and inside)

#5- Stickley Optical Font Family - A new pro font family by Michael Stickley with optical sizes for Text, Caption, Headline and Display use.
(metallic red ink on cover and black & red inside)

#6 Hamilton Wood Type Foundry-P22 and Hamilton join forces to bring a large collection of wood type designs converted into digital fonts than can be used with the latest WebFont CSS and OpenType progamming abilities.

#7 A Brief Hostory of Graphic Design as Told Through P22 Fonts-From Petroglyphs thru the 2000's, P22 offers a timeline and examples of design/fonts through the ages.

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