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Neck and Neck: Printing a Six-Sheet Harness Racing Billboard

This four-color six-sheet billboard is a dynamic design of two horses and their jockeys competing in a trotter race. Coming in at a finished size of 80x78" (over 6 feet in each direction!), the edition of 8 final prints took 50 hours over a 7-week period for printing to be completed.   This is the largest multi-color piece printed at Hamilton!  ... Read More »

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Clyde Beatty and Cole Circus Posters at Hamilton

The Globe Printing company was one of the leading producers of posters for advertising popular, pre-television-era attractions such as circuses, stock car racing, and rodeos. Baltimore Globe was the first of four branches in the Globe Printing Company. The Globe Collection at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum gives us an uncensored glimpse of history uniquely expressed through popular... Read More »

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Cataloging the Enquirer Collection

by Jim Moran How do you make sense of 100 crates of printing blocks? Enter Collection Management professional Paul Pegnato. In a way, getting the collection from Enquirer Printing in Cincinnati was the easy part. The problem was, once you open a crate and realize you have a pile of blocks that range from 2 sheet poster size, (52” x... Read More »

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Building the Big Block Easels

The museum received many packing crates full of big printing blocks from Enquirer Printing in Cincinnati, Ohio. They can be up to 54" x 40" in size. The Enquirer Printing Company printed posters for circuses, carnivals and other customers. I saw a few big blocks leaning against the wall on a visit. It occurred to me these should be up... Read More »

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Unpacking the Enquirer Collection

As we wander the back warehouse part of the museum, it’s interesting to wonder what it would be like to have a group of bright, hard working individuals to help organize the collection, particularly our largest and most recent addition to the museum, The Enquirer blocks, acquired in 2015 from Cincinnati, Ohio. Enter Professors Paul Brown and David Wolske with... Read More »

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