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Building the Big Block Easels

The museum received many packing crates full of big printing blocks from Enquirer Printing in Cincinnati, Ohio. They can be up to 54" x 40" in size. The Enquirer Printing Company printed posters for circuses, carnivals and other customers. I saw a few big blocks leaning against the wall on a visit. It occurred to me these should be up... Read More »

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Unpacking the Enquirer Collection

As we wander the back warehouse part of the museum, it’s interesting to wonder what it would be like to have a group of bright, hard working individuals to help organize the collection, particularly our largest and most recent addition to the museum, The Enquirer blocks, acquired in 2015 from Cincinnati, Ohio. Enter Professors Paul Brown and David Wolske with... Read More »

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Enquirer Collection Exhibition

The Enquirer Collection at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum contains nearly 500 rare circus, fair and carnival posters, plus approximately 1,500 hand-carved printing plates; more than 5,000 pieces of large wood type; and related correspondence. The Anderson family of Cincinnati founded Enquirer Printing in 1895 and continuously has archived the extensive collection. In the early 1950s it was... Read More »

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Artist in Residence: Jim Sherraden

Jim Sherraden, Master Printer and Archivist at Hatch Show Print, is the current Artist in Residence at Hamilton. This three-year appointment started this year. During the Memorial Day weekend he presented to a group from The Society of Typographic Arts at the museum for a workshop, organized and printed with the Enquirer Collection, and helped document portions of the collection.... Read More »

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