Meet a Volunteer: Shann Stephani

Name: Shann Stephani  

The day I knew I wanted to become a Hamilton volunteer: July 10, 2011. I visited the museum for the first time, took a self-guided tour, met Bill Moran and learned about the Target collaboration. I visited a few more times and took two workshops and I was hooked. I waited until my job schedule allowed me more free time and I started volunteering in November 2013… just in time to help pack up the museum at its original location on Jefferson Street in Two Rivers in preparation of moving to its current location, directly across from Lake Michigan.

 Number of years I’ve been at it: 7 years

Favorite project: Unpacking the Globe collection and removing wood splinters from my hands.

Little known fact about me: I’m obsessed with trying to find the best margherita pizza.

Proudest moment: Marrying my husband.

Photo credit: Lester Public Library

When not volunteering: I’m a graphic designer working for a private label manufacturer that makes wet wipes, coffee filters and baking cups. The rest of my free time revolves around traveling near and far, kayaking, painting and printing. And, of course, my quest for the best margherita pizza.

A poster I would like to see printed will feature: The first wood blocks created or the oldest blocks in the collection. I’m not sure if this was already done or if it’s even possible. I imagine veneer blocks are delicate to use for printing if they are over 100 years old, but we’ve been surprised at the museum regarding what can survive that length of time.

Growing up, I wanted to be: an artist, nurse, athletic trainer, fish taxidermist and an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Hotdogger (so I could travel and hand out whistles). Yeah, I was all over the board.

Now I look forward to: Kayaking at sunrise and looking for rainbows over Lake Michigan following a rainstorm.



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