Meet a Volunteer: Lou Brown

Name: Lou Brown (aka LouLouBell)

The day I knew I wanted to become a Hamilton volunteer: I had just basically retired (for good) and decided I needed to volunteer somewhere. I considered different places in the community. One day I walked into the museum, told them who I was and said I was interested in volunteering. I stepped past the foyer into the entryway and it felt like something or someone was wrapping their arms around me. From then on, I knew even if I was busy planning other projects, nothing was going to stop me from coming in and helping out. I was instantly immersed in this place.

Number of years I’ve been at it: 4 years

My favorite project at the museum is: Of course it’s cleaning! That’s my favorite thing to do. I also enjoy taking workshops at the museum, but there never seems to be enough time with all the other things waiting to be cleaned in addition to the press I just dirtied up in a workshop (hahaha…).

A few little known facts about me: You can’t open my little secret closet. Well, OK, here’s something (I’m not proud of) but will reveal - I used to smoke. Now I just enjoy wine. Other little known facts: I used to be a postmaster and I worked as a phlebotomist. One more little known fact, I am a quilter which leads to me being a hoarder of fabric – so much so that I could open a store!

My proudest moment: Witnessing the marriage of my son to my now daughter-in-law, I was so proud of him.

When not volunteering: I clean at home (peals of laughter!) – and when not cleaning I enjoy refinishing furniture, flower gardening and at the moment I have an old drain tub in which I am growing lettuce. Yes, in these sub-zero Wisconsin temps I am growing lettuce. (My sister from Germany brought me seeds!)

A poster I would like to see printed will feature: “What makes a difference is not what we do, it’s how we do it.”

Growing up, I wanted to be: just like my mom! She did everything for her kids and she went without. At Christmas time, she was always able to put something together even though we were very poor.

I am looking forward to: Spring when everything starts greening up. That’s my favorite time of the year.



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