It Takes a Village--or a Trio of Jurors--to Make An Exhibit Happen

Each year the museum looks forward to showcasing new and exciting work being done in letterpress printing. The jurors’ criteria for the exhibit includes quality craftsmanship and creative original use of the medium. New Impressions 2023 attracted 237 diverse submissions from over 100 artists, which represents a significant amount of attention needed from each of our jurors: Erin Beckloff, Clint Harvey, and Heather Moulder.

Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum

Hamilton wishes to thank the 2023 New Impressions jurors for their time and dedication, without which the exhibit would not be possible. 

Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum

Following is the Juror's Statement and background for each of our three 2023 New Impressions jurors. 

Erin Beckloff

Erin Beckloff Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum

Erin Beckloff Juror's Statement: "Letterpress has an inherent interrelationship of skill and material. While the equipment and tools are universal the printer as artist, designer, craftsperson infuses their individual creativity and experience into the process. New Impressions presents the expansive use of the medium, how we can communicate in conceptual and visual ways that both respect and advance the craft. In this years exhibition, the artists visualize concepts that reflect on social issues, champion human rights, and celebrate identity. Several pieces explore place and others the natural world. The work demonstrates how static physical elements can be used to create dynamic, thoughtful compositions. I was drawn to pieces with aesthetic complexity and exquisite attention to detail. Some works abstract typography into modular elements while others harness the power of words on paper as form or statement. There are fascinating explorations of pattern and texture. Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum is a place of significance to printers and for letterpress. I appreciate Hamilton’s continued commitment to our community and Stephanie Carpenter’s vision and dedication to New Impressions for eight years. It is a privilege to have had the opportunity to jury this year’s exhibition along with Clint and Heather—printers who I admire and am honored to also call friends (who I met at Hamilton’s Wayzgoose)." 

Erin Beckloff is a connector in the printing community. She is the co-director and writer of “Pressing On: The Letterpress Film.” For over a decade she served as a professor of Communication Design at Miami University where she revitalized the Curmudgeon Press and developed letterpress courses. She coordinates LEAD: Letterpress Educators of Art & Design, fostering a network of letterpress educators working to advance research and scholarship and substantiate the value of letterpress education as an essential practice in contemporary learning. Most recently she co-founded The Printing Stewards, a non-profit foundation focused on the legacy of Gregory Jackson Walters, whose mission is to take a systemic approach to printing history by preserving together unique machines, documentation, ephemera and skills.

Clint Harvey

Clint Harvey Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum  

Clint Harvey Juror's Statement: "As a juror for the Hamilton New Impressions 2023 exhibition, I am pleased to say that I was excited by the craftsmanship and innovation of the submissions. The artists who participated in this exhibition truly demonstrated their skill and passion for pushing the boundaries of letterpress printmaking. Throughout the selection process, I looked for pieces that showcased a strong use of craftsmanship matched with an innovative use of the medium, an understanding of color and composition, and an overall sense of originality. I was impressed by the variety of techniques used, including letterpress, linocut, and woodcut, as well as the range of subject matter explored. It was clear that each artist put a great deal of thought and care into their work, and I found myself constantly discovering new details and meanings within each piece. I was particularly drawn to those that pushed the boundaries of traditional printmaking, experimenting with new materials and methods to create unique and unexpected results. Overall, I am thrilled to have been a part of this exhibition and to have had the opportunity to see such a diverse and exciting collection of artwork. Congratulations to all of the participating artists for their hard work and dedication, and to Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum for continuing to support and showcase the art of printmaking."

After owning and running Design College Australia for over ten years Clint Harvey now has his hands full building a mobile letterpress lab within a 40’ shipping container. The mobile lab will allow Clint to share his passion, knowledge and skills of typography and letterpress printing with the emerging generation of designers, students and letterpress in remote and regional Australia. Clint’s typographic and printing insights are anchored in a deep appreciation of typography and its heritage. It was while visiting the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in the United States that this passion was taken to new heights. Clint was inspired to arm himself with detailed knowledge of Australasian typographic and print history. On his return and filling a spare classroom at his college with presses, font collections, type drawers, rare books and type specimens, his own working museum, the Bacon Factory was born. The Bacon Factory under Clint’s watchful eye was the perfect setting for students and other lovers of typography and print culture to learn from the past and connect the dots to the present. Step into Clint's world and you’ll be reassured that the future of analogue typography and letterpress printing in this corner of the globe is in safe hands.

Heather Moulder

Heather Moulder Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum  

Heather Moulder Juror's Statement: "Since its inception, I have looked forward to seeing the work in New Impressions each year. It’s easy to feel like you’re in your own solitary printing bubble, and this is a show that makes me feel tied to our letterpress community at large. With a process we think we know so well, I love being proven wrong with the fresh ideas and techniques that are brought to the table in every entry. As someone who feels like a continuous learner of letterpress, it was an honor to be a part of the jury this year. Printing is something I think about every day, and it was a joy to have a conversation with folks equally excited as I reviewed a wealth of entries with Erin and Clint. When considering the work, we saw not only technical prowess but also concepts that excited us, and methods that left us scratching our heads. To experience that connection with the other jurors and the work itself (cross country and continents!) is not something I take for granted, and am grateful to Hamilton for this opportunity. I think it says something of the work that all I could think about after jurying was getting back to the studio to try and make something. I am proud of the caliber of work chosen, what it has to say, and the energy it brings to this process. Congratulations to the printers included in the show, and to all entrants: thanks for showing us how much “new” is still out there to explore! I am inspired by the hope that viewers of this show will continue to experiment, push forward, and enter for New Impressions to come."

Heather Moulder is a graphic designer, printmaker, and piano player from Woodbury, TN. Since 2011, she has worked for Hatch Show Print designing and printing posters for everything from toilet companies to Grand Ole Opry stars. Through the Hatch Show Print internship program, letterpress conferences, high school and college workshops, and virtual classes she has been fortunate to teach folks from around the world about experimental print processes and poster design. Heather also serves as White Oak Program Coordinator at the Arts Center of Cannon County, where she helps manage their gallery spaces and coordinates their long-running White Oak Craft Fair. She creates her own work, freelance design projects, and the occasional song at her home studio, Lordymercy.

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