Ink & Drink Workshops

Ever since we started doing monthly Ink & Drink Workshops this past year, every  one has brought out a crowd eager to raise their glasses to a newfound ability in letterpress printing.

The premise is simple - those in the class bring drinks of their choice, alcoholic or not, to sip during a whirlwind three hour workshop.The evening starts with a demonstration on how to get a good print and how to use the press. You don't need any experience to participate in an Ink & Drink!

During the evening each participant can choose from 4 colors of ink and a collection of vintage type and blocks to create their own unique designs. Attendees get to work at their own press, so everyone leaves the class with a print that is special to them.

The results are stunning and the fun is endless. If you would like to sign up for an upcoming workshop check out our current calendar.

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