Do You Have an Item to Donate to the Museum?

Many of the finest pieces in the Hamilton Museum have come through the generosity of gracious people who have preserved items in hopes they will be valued. While we do accept some donations, space and quantity cause us to be selective.

To begin, the Museum staff must research possible donations to determine what it is, whether the Museum already has such an item and whether the condition allows us to store or display it. Because we have a very small staff it can be challenging to make a decision on short notice. For that reason, we ask those hoping to donate an item(s) to Hamilton to contact us before bringing anything to us. We first want to carefully consider the donation, but just as important, we must take time to look over the piece and consider the Museum’s inventory.

While we can readily identify many historical pieces by name, photographs are the only way we can consider an item before accepting it into our collection. Thank you for helping Hamilton develop our collection, to be enjoyed by generations to come.

For all items under consideration as donations to the Hamilton Museum, please send photos to and include your complete contact information including the location of the item(s).

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