Really Big Prints Closing Reception

Many amazing printmakers from near and far came to UW-Manitowoc July 13-16, 2016 to create editions of large-scale relief prints for the second 'Really Big Prints! Event'. The number of participants and duration of the event makes it unique, as well as the opportunity for the printmakers to print a limited edition of a large-scale print, and have it exhibited “hot off the press” here at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. The show was on display in November and December at Hamilton. A great group of printers and visitors joined us Saturday, December 10, 2016 from 5-7 pm for the closing reception of this stunning exhibition.

The art of printmaking realizes the oxymoron of the “original multiple.” These images are not reproductions, but original pieces which are conceived and created to exist as a limited edition. The vehicle for creating the multiple is a matrix that can be printed repeatedly. For these prints the matrix was created as a relief. Wood, MDF, linoleum, or plastic was carved or painted on top of to create the image. The matrix was then rolled with printing ink, the raised areas became coated with the ink, while the low areas remained clean and open. Paper was then placed onto top of the inked matrix. The ink was transferred onto the paper with the steamroller.

You can always find out the latest information about Really Big Prints on their facebook page.

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