Meet the New Intern

Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum is one of the finest gems in our community. Originally from the Manitowoc area, I always knew about the awesome things that Hamilton does. Little did I know that when I went to college, many other artists would know about them too! I am very privileged to be finishing up my last semester of college at UW - Stevens Point by performing a semester long internship with Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. I have visited many excellent museums, galleries and arts organizations but I chose to work with Hamilton this semester because of the incredible work they do, its delightful staff and the opportunity to stay close to home. During the next few months, I will be sharing some of the work we have been doing at Hamilton!

During the past two weeks I was thrilled to get back on a printing press, and had some fun designing a new postcard that will be featured in the museum shop! Along with the new postcards, Hamilton now offers a program called “From Press to Post.” You can now choose a postcard (or a few) from the myriad of mini masterpieces in our store and send it in the mail without leaving the shop. We now offer individual stamps for sale and postcard collection conveniently located at the front register.

Each week the collected postcards will be stamped with the official Two Rivers postmark and mailed to your destination. Handmade postcards from Hamilton are a wonderful way to spread the love of wood type printing, and adds a unique artistic flair to your personal message!

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