Neenah and Hamilton friends close in on $30,000 raised by The Beauty of Letterpress campaign

Neenah Paper and The Beauty of Letterpress campaign are in their final push to raise $30,000 to help the museum get established in our new building. With only $600 remaining to go this is your chance to show some letterpress love and help Hamilton Wood Type. You can contribute here.

The nearly $30,000 raised to support the Museum means many things. The first is a chance to protect the world's largest collection of type. The collection will not only be safe but on display with an opportunity to teach the methods that made Hamilton the nation's largest wood type maker. Additionally, the practice of making type will be reborn as we start up the original pantograph machines and bring in the retired type cutters to share their craft with new apprentices. Platen presses and show card presses will create a new impression from antique type. As we archive and identify the fonts in our collection, the story of American Printing and it's practices will be seen in a new light.

A huge thanks goes to Neenah Paper and the Beauty of Letterpress Campaign. We're really close to meeting our goal and it wouldn't have happened without their support and the matching contributions from Hamilton family and friends.

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