Workers of the World, Unite! Russian Civil War Posters on Display: March 7 - April 30

Saturday Mar. 7, 2015 All Day

Workers of the World, Unite!
Russian Civil War Posters 1918-1923 from The Cellini Collection

On Display: March 7 - April 30

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 28th 5 - 7 pm

The exhibit will feature 25 original works from The Cellini Collection, dating from 1918-1923, featuring full bold color and design through the lithograph technique. Each poster will be accompanied by an English translation of the Russian text. The exhibition will be also accompanied by a scholarly paper about the period by Aaron Hale- Dorrell, PhD.

“Russian propaganda posters show how revolution and civil war turned society upside down. The posters helped popularize the ideology of the Russian Revolution and, in the years following the Russian Civil War (1917–22), remained symbols of the conflict that established the Soviet Union,…Taking power in the name of workers, the new Soviet government under Lenin and the Bolsheviks declared a “dictatorship of the proletariat” and pledged to cast down old elites: aristocrats and capitalists. To shape popular opinion, propaganda posters recast humble toilers as heroes of the factories and mines,” Hale-Dorrell, PhD.

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