What is Modern Letterpress? Workshop

Saturday Sep. 27, 2014 All Day

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Deposit due at sign-up: $65.00
Full cost of workshop: $125.00

This workshop will be taught by Studio On Fire.

Traditional letterpress techniques utilized wood and metal type that gently kissed paper running through thundering machines. Modern letterpress uses those same machines, though it often employs photopolymers plates and tends to be more of a makeout session with the paper, hammering in a deep impression. What if these two techniques were to meet? Spend an afternoon discussing and exploring modern letterpress, while integrating all of the traditional goods a wood type museum has to offer.

Over the course of the workshop participants will make collaborative typographic art prints. Prior to the workshop participants will be asked to submit artwork (instructions will be sent upon registration). From the submitted artwork Studio On Fire will produce photopolymer plates in their Minneapolis studio, to be used the day of the workshop in tandem with the museum’s wood type collection. Merging modern and traditional techniques, we encourage participants to embrace their individual personalities and styles.

Studio On Fire provides both design services and letterpress printing with a distinctively tactile presence. Their unique Minneapolis workspace marries design, art, and craft, bringing design sensitivity and production knowledge to all projects. Backed by full, in-house modern letterpress printing, engraving, and foiling capabilities; they collaborate with creative firms, printers, and individuals to produce work with a tactile and distinctively modern edge.

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