Lynne Avadenka

The Challenge Machinery angle chase was invented so type could be set and then printed on an angle. Angle chases are hard to find, but both Ingrid and Lynne were fortunate to rescue theirs from the inevitable print shop liquidation scrap heap and bring them to their respective studios. After working with the angle chases for some time (Ingrid wanted to scale up the printing area, Lynne's chase was damaged and working with it was frustrating), Ingrid found a colleague to fabricate a larger chase. Along with the wider line width (50 pc instead of 35 pc), the design has been improved as well.There are still four corner pieces, but the rotating circular element is now a single piece of metal. The artists will each share current work created with their respective angle chases.

Lynne Avadenka is an American artist/printmaker known for her works that explore text and image and the mystery and beauty of visual language. Among Avadenka's awards are a 2009 Kresge Arts in Detroit Fellowship and individual artist grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs. Avadenka's work is collected and exhibited internationally. She has served as Director of Signal-Return, a Detroit nonprofit letterpress print shop and community arts center since 2013.