Jeff Waldvogel

Paper has been around a long time. Almost 2000 years in fact. We come in contact with it in some form every day. Sometimes mundane, sometimes life changing. It can carry a message, instruct us, and guide us (remember paper maps). Paper can convey an idea, preserve an image, or package a product. And, when used properly, can last centuries.

A lot of us make a living “using” it, for our own or our clients’ communications. However, without understanding the inner-workings [structure] of a piece of paper – Formation, Shade, Smoothness, Opacity, Brightness, Texture and more – great design ideas can go terribly wrong in final production. Like most things in life, choosing the “right” paper for a project involves compromise. While there is no such thing as “The Perfect Paper,” you will learn how to make the best possible decisions about the papers you choose going forward. This presentation includes a sample kit of 30+ papers (yours to keep). We will see samples and discuss the impact of paper textures and colors on Letterpress printing. Finally, you will be able to hold and examine printed samples going back hundreds of years.

Jeff is recently retired from the graphic arts industry after nearly 50 years, having started with a degree in Printing Management from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He spent most of the last 45 years in the paper industry, both on the merchant and mill side, having worked for some of the best-known Text & Cover and Coated Paper mills in the world. He brings an exciting, hands-on approach to understanding how paper works, and will give you the tools needed for a successful printed project.