Hamilton Open House

On Sunday, July 22nd, the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum was packing ‘em in.  One hundred and thirteen visitors toured the museum, pulled a print and checked out the world’s largest collection of type.

Paper pressman’s hats were folded and worn by some. Others wandered into the pressroom to learn a bit of printing. Two presses had been set up for enthusiasts to try. One was a lock up of the state of Wisconsin with Two Rivers and Manitowoc heading the top of a poster. Lock up number two was a composition made up of a myriad of businesses from the two city’s past, including Schroeder Brothers Department Store, Mirro Aluminum, Carron Net Company, Paragon Electric and the Waverly Inn. All the cuts had been donated by Malley Printing, just a block south of the museum. Curious visitors got to crank one color on one press and do an overprint on the second.

Demonstrations of type cutting were handled by Georgie Brylski Leisch, daughter of Hamilton type cutter Norb Brylski. An exhibit of printed pieces featured posters done by students from some of the workshops taught at the museum in the last two years.

Director Jim Moran and Assistant Director Stephanie Carpenter led groups continuously through the museum, with assistance from volunteers Mari Dawson and A. J. Lorrigan. Faculty member of Silver Lake College and recent intern, Erin LaBonte kept the pressroom rolling. Visitors came from down the street to 1000 miles away. We would have to say it was quite a success. We’ll have to do it again next year.

Thanks to all who turned out and made the day a wonderful event!

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