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Wayzgoose 2011

19.5" x 26" [49.53 cm x 66.04 cm]

Historically a "wayzgoose" was entertainment given by a master printer to his employees at the end of the summer. It was traditionally done on St. Bartholomew's Day (24 August) to mark the coming seasons in which work was done by candlelight. The museum hosts one every year to celebrate printing, graphic design, type design, book making, paper making, and all other designerly delights.

This poster was letterpress printed by Stacey Stern of Steracle Press in Chicago, IL. It has a vibrant background that consists of many pieces of half-rounds, which are the pieces of wood that eventually become wood type. They come in unique organic shapes, with lovely saw marks for lots of texture. A little bit of transparent ink makes for lots of dynamic play between all the pieces!



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