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7.5" x 9.5"

The Magazine started as an experiment: would enough people like original medium-length non-fiction reporting and essays delivered in a streamlined reading experience with no ads every two weeks enough to pay a subscription fee? The answer was yes. (And thank you.)

Since October 11, 2012, The Magazine has produced five features and essays every other week. With bonus features and other stories, that's over 130 articles in the first year. We've written about a proposed 60-foot-tall lava lamp, the serious business of cosplay, making clear ice, the preservation of wood type on the banks of Lake Michigan, and pinhole lenses for digital single-lens reflex cameras — and so much more.

Now we're taking our electronic journal into print with a beautifully designed 200-page hardcover collection , with an originally commissioned cover by painter Amy Crehore. It features over 25 of the stories that our subscribers and contributors told us meant the most to them, along with dozens of illustrations and photographs.

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