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NEW IMPRESSIONS: This Green Unpleasant Land - Theo Miller

12.25" x 9.25"

This piece is included in the New Impressions Exhibition on display at the museum July 14-September 30, 2020. There are a limited number of these prints available.

Artist Biography

Theo Miller (b.1991) is a visual artist whose work examines printmaking. His practice currently focuses on Relief printing and Letterpress. Miller is interested in using new technology and a contemporary approach to making work in harmony with traditional techniques and equipment. 

Description of Process

The print "This Green Unpleasant Land" is part of my exploration of letterpress as a mode of depiction, using 12pt square metal border to render landscapes. I want to push the limitations of the "simplicity" of metal, ink and paper. This Green Unpleasant Land, was based on a photograph of the approach to a coastline at night, the promise of hope and safety at the end of a journey.  (Edition of 6) 

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