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New Impressions: "Return to Nature" by Olivia Childress

30" x 12"

This piece is included in the New Impressions Exhibition on display at the museum July 2-September 28, 2024. There are a limited number of these prints available.

Artist Biography

Olivia Childress is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Bloomington, Indiana and currently working towards her BFA in Graphic Design. Her work is most often inspired by the outdoors and her interactions with natural spaces. Childress' works combine both digital and analog methods and aim to educate while discovering beauty in the mundane, lending aestheticism to utility. Her practice combines digital illustration and printmaking, with a specific focus in letterpress and screen printing methods.

Description of Process

"Return to Nature" is a two color and four block laser cut wood print. The animals featured in the print were illustrated digitally and then laser cut out of Luan wood and mounted to 3/4" MDF. The illustration was designed to break apart, accommodating to the smaller sized print bed than my desired 30" final print size. The top four animals (Canada Goose, Salmon, Sandhill Crane, Black Bear) layers were half of the design, while the remaining three (Corn Snake, Box Turtle, White-Tail Deer) were the other half. Each half of the poster is represented in two layers: a blue layer with the living animals and a red layer with their skeletons. Gothic Condensed 15 line from the Indiana University Type Shop was printed, scanned, and laser cut as well, maintaining its blemished and beautiful form. The dual image is an anaglyph print, intended to be viewed with the paired 3D glasses. When seen using just one colored lens of the glasses, each layer stands alone and can be viewed in its entirety. Seen together, the effect is intended to be both disorienting and complementary. The 3D glasses themselves were designed to be laser cut out of cardstock and colored films. They feature the printed type laser engraved on each arm. 

The piece in whole represents the simultaneous harmony of life and death, featuring animals of importance to me and the people I love. The text on the bottom reads "GO OUTSIDE/DECOMPOSE", referencing the intended life cycle of these animals.

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