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NEW IMPRESSIONS: REC, an experimental dialogue with David Carson - Marcos Mello

19.6" x 27.5"

This piece is included in the New Impressions Exhibition on display at the museum July 14-September 30, 2020. There are a limited number of these prints available.

Artist Biography

Marcos Mello is a graphic artist, typographer and letterpress printer. He is a founding partner at Oficina Tipográfica São Paulo, a NGO dedicated to researching Brazilian graphic memory, courses and projects in experimental typographic language. Rogerio Miranda, Brazilian photographer, based in São Paulo, in parallel of the commercial work he develops research with urban typography. Curious about photographic techniques, he always try to do experimentation with different materials to be printed, the use of polaroids, gelatines, waxes, acrylic, etc. is a mark in his work.

Description of Process

The idea of the poster “REC” came from an exchange of conceptual and practical experiences between the graphic artists Marcos Mello and David Carson. In 2019, they started to exchange some of their letterpress posters in order to establish an art dialogue. Carson was finishing his latest book, nucollage .001, and his work was focused almost exclusively on handmade collages made of fragments of typographic posters. The letters “REC” are a fragment of a poster designed by Carson for a festival in Igualada, Catalonia, that he combined in a collage with pieces of Mello’s poster “Conexões” (“Connections”). The idea for the layout of “REC” came from these two posters combined. Thus, REC can stand for “REConnections”, “reinterpretation”, “RECording” or even “reappropriation”. “REC” aims at expressing the artistic process of creating new meanings that is seen at the collage in general. To complement the experimental process with other techniques, the artists invited photographer Rogério Miranda to interact with the poster layout using his photographic language, which resulted in a symbiosis of both photograph and collage, which was then printed in letterpress. The poster was designed with the techniques of cutting and handmade collage, followed by digital design. The file was printed on transparent paper, A3 format, to make a photolith film, which was soaked in gelatin and then photographed under a light table. 

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