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NEW IMPRESSIONS: +++ - Matthias Beck & Lars Petter Amundsen

13.8" x 19.7"

This piece is included in the New Impressions Exhibition on display at the museum July 14-September 30, 2020. There are a limited number of these prints available.

Artist Biography

Norwegian graphic designer Lars Amundsen and German graphic designer Matthias Beck teamed up in 2014 to create the only letterpress workshop in the Canary Islands. Tipos en su tinta as it is called, is a totally manual letterpress workshop and most of the printing tools have been rescued from old print workshops on the island where they both have lived for almost 15 years. 

Apart from designing and printing limited edition prints, Tipos en su tinta offer creative workshops to the local residents and also to European tourists not only seeking the sun but also a taste of the local culture in Tenerife.

Description of Process

This work is part of an experimental series with leftover plexiglas laser cutouts from another design project and fiberglass mesh used in construction applications. While playing around with the triangle shapes as part of a modular system to create illustrations I got curious about the possibility of creating isometric shapes with them. 

I came up with this triple-plus-3D-shape realized by overprinting the same shape in two colors rotating it 120 degrees.

The layer of fiberglass mesh creates an interesting texture, especially in the overprinted areas, giving the solid shape at a closer look, a somehow lightweight and inmaterial character.

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