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Conexões, Connessione, Conect - Marcos Mello

Conexões, Connessione, Conect

27.56 x 19.69 in


The poster “Conexões, Connessione, Conect” (70 x 50 cm) means to discuss the connectivity of the letterpress language, reflecting the connection between the Italian and the Brazilian cultures. The project began in Treviso, Italy, in 2017, with the composition and printing using the collection of wood types at Tipoteca Italiana, and was finished in Brazil in 2018, with types owned by Oficina Tipográfica São Paulo (OTSP). Technically, the printing was planned with 18 passes in the press for the artwork and the color division. Wood types, metal types and clichés (to replicate the outline of the drawings of the wood types) were used for the composition, and typographic furnitures were used for the lines. The colors were studied in order to use overprinting allied with the concept applied to the composition by the fitting and the register of the letters, which emphasize the meaning of connectivity. The posters were first printed on a Universal III Vandercook and the final art was made on a “Minerva” platen press adapted for larger prints.

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